Star Wars The Vintage Collection VC203 Offworld Jawa (Arvada-7) From The Mandalorian

It’s a Jawa figure so right off the bat, yes, we like it!  It’s mostly a repaint of the 2014 Black Series figure with the accessory belt and soft-goods cloak added to it.  The colouring of the figure is excellent and mimics the onscreen version we see in The Mandalorian; although oddly enough, it’s difficult to photograph it accurately.  The red eyes stand out nicely against the black face and the soft goods cloak sits nicely on the figure and closes easily behind the belt.  It has good articulation in the arms and wrists although we would have like to have seen rocker ankles and knee joints. It includes two different blasters and both are painted very nicely with a metallic-like finish and dirt washes.  The figure also includes a mud horn egg which is one solid plastic piece. It’s possible to have the Jawa hold the egg but it’s a balancing act for sure.  Also, it basically looks like a peach pit so for you diorama builders who want to do an entire “soogah” feast you might want to hit your local grocer for a bag of fruit.  Bottom line, as we said at the beginning: It’s a Jawa, we like it!

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