A Quiet Afternoon In Jabba’s Throne Room

It’s kind of amazing what happens when you take all the toys out of the display, replace all the batteries in the three sets of LED strand lights, and do a little rearranging. Obviously I’m going to put all the scum and villainy back in the display but I’m diggin’ the vibe at the moment.

A Jabba’s Throne Room diorama featuring The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Palace Adventure Set, the Star Wars Power of the Force Jabba’s Palace 3D Diorama and a few custom additions of my own. Music via Return of the Jedi soundtrack, “Jabba’s Baroque Recital.”

Customizing The Vintage Collection Dark Side Vader & Episode 2 Anakin

Two recent additions to The Vintage Collection, VC244-Anakin Skywalker Padawan and VC241-Darth Vader The Dark Times both come with great looking soft goods robes and capes. But even these great looking figures can use a little help in looking more accurate. That’s where Tyler of the SWTVC podcast and on Instagram as @swcollector3.75 comes in. He posted a tutorial on how to fix the front of Anakin’s robes and Vader’s oversized cloak. Both mods are farily easy to do so take a look at Tyler’s tutorial: