I did a thing.

I spent the day in the Star Wars room going through my carded collection as it was time to reduce that particular focus to make room in the collection. I ended up posting 12 or so figures on Facebook Marketplace and another dozen or so I chose to open up. So I did my first ever Instagram live unboxing. I also talked about why I was reducing my collection and it felt good to be talking about it. Enjoy!

New Shelves, New Colours in the Star Wars Room

September 2018

 I took advantage of the Labour Day Weekend to replace my mismatched book cases with the help of my friend Ryan. Instead of varying shades of boring brown I went with three bright, shiny, white IKEA Billy bookcases.  I kept a larger shelf and painted it white to match the rest. 

Before: used, beat up brown book cases
After: bright white IKEA Billy bookcases.
Vintage Kenner displayed on clear, acrylic shelving

The other big change that happened was expanding my Rebel base. Instead of a sheet of plywood resting on my wife’s hope chest, I mounted shelving to the wall which will give me all the space I will (hopefully) ever need as I expand my favourite part of my collection.

Click here for a thread of tweets thatI did one night as I was putting my figures back on display.

Thanks Ryan!

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