Hasbro Pulse Vintage Collection Announcements at Star Wars Celebration London

Day 2 of Star Wars Celebration has wrapped up and with it a bunch of great announcements from Hasbro. Apart from a slew of new figures for The Vintage Collection coming this “summer or fall” there was also an announcement concerning Haslab. The next crowd-funded Haslab proiject will be revealed this fall by Hasbro and they announced that it will be for The Vintage Collection. It’s great to see that the revealed N-1 Starfighter from The Mandalorian will be a regular release and not a Haslab project. Other highlights are a Krrsantan from Book of Boba Fett and a great looking set of “Jabba’s Court Denizens.” The other two figures revealed are an updated Nien Nunb from Return of the Jedi and Moff Jerjerrod also from Jedi. I’m not sure what reference Hasbro used for the Moff because based on the glam shots provided by Hasbro it doesn’t look much like him.

Hasbro also revealed the following characters are in their pipeline: Grand Inquisitor (Kenobi), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Pre-Vizsla, Director Krennic, Darth Revan.

*Thanks to Hasbro and Rogers & Cowan PMK for the press release and images!