A Garage For A Y-wing PART 1: Expanding the Rebel Base Diorama

May 2020

The main focus in my Star Wars room is my rebel base display.  This started out with an X-wing, a beat-up vintage Millennium Falcon and a snow speeder years ago and slowly has grown again and again.  I’m pretty sure I’ve run out of space to add even one more vehicle (What will I do when the Rogue One General Merrick X-wing Fighter is released?.

My Rebel Base Around 2012 or so. Adorable, right?
My Rebel Base February 2022 – Just a little bit of expansion since 2012.

Over the years I’ve begun to add walls and control rooms and a pilot ready room (still need to finish that, now that I think about it).  But I’ve always kept things on the ground level, as it were.  Then a couple years ago I began buying Project Bricks and started building walls.  I even got brave enough to tackle an homage to the control room from the Disney Parks attraction, Star Tours.  Having this control room suspended from the display shelf above set off a light bulb in my head:  Start building UP instead of left to right.  

“Star Tours” inspired control booth

I wanted to add another control room to the display, this time on the top “shelf.”  But instead of trying to wedge one in behind one of the rebel starships I decided to put it ON TOP. So I picked up a box of Project Bricks and set to work.  

I guess the easy answer to my problem is “just add another shelf on top” but that would put things too close to the room’s window that’s just above the top of the display.  And besides, I had some packaging material that I really wanted to try out and this project seemed like a good way to do that.  (Shout out to diorama builders who see packing material as more than just packing material).  So, I decided to build a garage with a control room on top and I chose the right side, above a Y-wing fighter to do it:

CLICK an image for full-size slideshow.

I glued the walls together, began building the control room with the foam bricks, added some lights and……hated it.  

Absolutely hated it.

Check back next week to see how things turned out!

<Cue John Williams “End Credits”> 😉

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Rancor Pit Diorama Experiment

April 2019

The rancor action figure is just…big.  And when you consider that the scene it’s involved in from Return of the Jedi involves only 2-3 characters at the most, it’s not an ideal figure or scene to recreate in a Star Wars room that’s always lacking in free space.  You want to be able to fill a shelf with a lot of figures and with the rancor pit you’re left with the beast itself, Luke Skywalker or Oola and a Gammorean Guard or two.  

However, and I can’t really explain how, I found myself with enough free space in my Star Wars room  to actually do a diorama of Jabba’s favourite pet. And THEN….I even added a second diorama(more on that in my next article).  The material I used for the walls is a paper packaging material that was used to wrap merchandise on a recent trip to Walt Disney World. It’s fairly sturdy and it’s possible to make bumps and ridges with it to simulate rock walls.  The small holes or perforations in the paper give it some texture.  The photos don’t do the colour of the material justice though, it’s a much darker brown than the camera sometimes shot.  

At some point I might add a large door to one of the walls, as seen in Return of the Jedi.

Doorway for Rancor Keeper
LED string lights for some ambient lighting since it’s a very dark space

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New Shelves, New Colours in the Star Wars Room

September 2018

 I took advantage of the Labour Day Weekend to replace my mismatched book cases with the help of my friend Ryan. Instead of varying shades of boring brown I went with three bright, shiny, white IKEA Billy bookcases.  I kept a larger shelf and painted it white to match the rest. 

Before: used, beat up brown book cases
After: bright white IKEA Billy bookcases.
Vintage Kenner displayed on clear, acrylic shelving

The other big change that happened was expanding my Rebel base. Instead of a sheet of plywood resting on my wife’s hope chest, I mounted shelving to the wall which will give me all the space I will (hopefully) ever need as I expand my favourite part of my collection.

Click here for a thread of tweets thatI did one night as I was putting my figures back on display.

Thanks Ryan!

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