The Star Wars Room Timeline

I’m by no means an expert collector, customizer or diorama builder but I hope you’ll find some inspiration as you follow along with the progress of my Star Wars passion.

Stretching That Star Wars Collecting Budget in 2023

When prices really started climbing for Star Wars figures I knew something had to give. I couldn’t continue to buy like I used to with a clear conscience; after all it’s a hobby. One of the first things that I stopped doing was army building. Not that I would go out and buy 10 of…

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Big thanks to Diorama Workshop for featuring my Echo Base-Bacta Tank diorama! Diorama Workshop is an indispensable resource for Star Wars diorama builders. I’ve been using Frank’s FREE templates and print outs for years and it’s a thrill to be featured! CLICK the image below to visit the gallery:

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Custom Clone Wars Turbo Tank

In the past few years I have been able to pick up, on separate occasions, two massive Clone Wars Turbo Tank vehicles. Both of them are incomplete and I only paid maybe $20 for each of them. I couldn’t resist the price and it is a truly impresive vehicle. But I had never come up…

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Star Wars Rebel Base Expansion: 10 Years In 25 Seconds

The centrepiece of my Star Wars room is my rebel base.  It’s amazing to think that every time I think that it’s finished or that “I can’t find anymore room” I end up coming up with another way to add more X-wing fighters. The base started as a single tabletop display featuring the original Kenner…

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“From small things mama, big things one day come… -Bruce Springsteen I’m an original trilogy era kid who saw Star Wars for the first time with my brother and aunt in the summer of 1977. I was nine and a half at the time and like so many other kids I was all in when…

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Snapshot: The Star Wars Room Spring 2022

I’ve been taking photos of the changes I make to the Star Wars room since roughly 2012, even though the room has been full of Star Wars stuff since 2001. (I wonder what it looked like then?). It’s fun to go back and see the progress over the years. This is what the collection currently…

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Changing As A Collector

I feel like I should insert a Simpson’s Troy McClure joke here: “Hi, I’m Mike MacDonald (Mike Tarkin, Mac….). You may know me from such podcasts as The Sandcrawler.” Why is that important for you to know? Well, from 2016 to around September 2021 the Sandcrawler podcast and website was a very big part of…

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Hoth Echo Base Diorama

February 2021 Way back in August 2019 I had decided it was time to add an Echo Base diorama to my Star Wars room. I tried adding a separate section to my larger rebel base display but it bugged me that it was obviously set in a different climate.  Those white, snowy walls just didn’t…

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Star Wars Room Update: Adding Lighting

January 2021 That’s a quote from Poe Dameron as he speaks for Star Wars room curators across the galaxy. I placed an order with IKEA for a bunch of small cabinet lights to light up the book cases I bought in 2018. I also bought 5 or 6 sets of colour changing LED strip lights…

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Rebel Base: Adding Runway Lights & More

May 2020 This part of my Rebel base sits on the floor of the Star Wars Room, and I had originally built it for the Millennium Falcon. It’s a smaller space than some of the other sections so it was a good candidate for parking the smaller-scaled Power of the Force X-wing Fighter.  I had…

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Return of the Jedi Droid Torture Room Diorama

May 2020 I mentioned in my Jabba’s Throne room article that in order to have the droid torture room (managed by the evil EVE-99) I had to settle for cramming Eve, 8D8, a droid brander and a few bits of greeblies into a corner of the Throne Room cardboard diorama.  Not ideal.  When I decided to…

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2020 – 3 Big Additions To The Rebel Base

February & March 2020 Taking advantage of the worldwide lockdown due to COVID and all of the downtime it brought me, I expanded my Rebel base in a big way. I had a section of the base earmarked for an Echo Base-inspired diorama but I could never seem to get that going beyond the planning…

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Improving On The Jabba’s Palace 3D Display Diorama

April 2019 For years I have had a Jabba’s palace diorama on one of my shelves.  Using the always fun, and let’s face it, awesome Power of the Force-era Hasbro Jabba’s Palace 3-D Display Diorama I’ve done what so many Star Wars collectors have done and crammed as many “Jabba-related” figures as possible into the…

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Rancor Pit Diorama Experiment

April 2019 The rancor action figure is just…big.  And when you consider that the scene it’s involved in from Return of the Jedi involves only 2-3 characters at the most, it’s not an ideal figure or scene to recreate in a Star Wars room that’s always lacking in free space.  You want to be able…

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