Star Wars The Vintage Collection Tatooine Skiff From Return of the Jedi


2018 and 2019 have been great years for Star Wars vehicles and play sets. Starting with the Solo: A Star Wars Story Vandor and Kessel play sets and then into Hasbro’s “Haslab” Jabba’s Sail Barge and Jabba’s Palace Playset, we have been getting fun environments for our Star Wars figures and in some cases just an amazing amount of detail and craftsmanship.  A great compliment to Jabba’s Sail Barge and a great piece just on it’s own is The Vintage Collection Tatooine Skiff.  It features removable floor plates revealing intricate details, a realistic paint app throughout and a unique displaying feature using clear rods and and a plastic faux-sand environment as a base.  One negative would be that there are no foot pegs for figures which means the vehicle will need to be displayed in a flat, horizontal position which is a shame because the support rods allow the vehicle to be pivoted.  Figure stands or pliable, non-stick putty can solve this problem though so it’s not a deal breaker.  There are also pivoting steering veins and  a pull-out gang plank for Luke Skywalker to jump from and a removable side railing that mimics the wiring and rope that Lando Calrissian dangled from when he was nearly lost to the Sarlaac.

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If you want to display the skiff accurately here is a super-helpful diagram that was created by Jay Shepard that shows what characters are on both skiffs during the iconic scene in Return of the Jedi:

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