Star Wars The Vintage Collection Din Djarin (TheMandalorian) & The Child Build-Up Pack

Released in late 2020 as a $17.99USD Wal-Mart exclusive and more commonly referred to as a “build-up pack” this set included a different sculpt of The Mandalorian with a swappable head that allowed the figure to appear without its helmet. It aiso included “The Child” (we now know him as “Grogu), Mando’s pulse disintegrator, his regular blaster, plastic cape and jetpack. It also came with a a stack of beaker units and “camtono” to hold them in. It was an excellent value. Our gallery of photos shows the great amount of detail that the set includes, from Mando’s dirty and battered armour to the excellent likeness to actor Pedro Pascal that the included swappable head has. The camtono accessory is fun and looks different from the previous version included with the Willrow Hood figure.

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