Star Wars The Vintage Collection Imperial Troop Transport From The Mandalorian

Hasbro continues it’s streak of great looking vehicles with the Imperial Troop Transport as featured in The Mandalorian. Star Wars fans have waited an incredibly long time for a proper modern upgrade to the iconic toy first released in 1979 and featured in the original Marvel Comics Star Wars title. 2015 saw the first modern version of the vehicle during the Star Wars: Rebels line but that vehicle was undersized and not entirely faithful to the original’s sculpt.

1979 Kenner – 2015 Hasbro “Star Wars Rebels” – 2020 Hasbro “The Mandalorian:

Issue #40 of Marvel Star Wars

An incredible amount of sculpted detailing went into the vehicle where every surface has some type of detail. Especially exciting is the cockpit which features doors, seats and elaborate control panels. It also has a great amount of paint detail with a final result of a vehicle that has seen alot of action. The roof hatch is a great way to let in just enough lighting for some spectacular photo opportunities. There are two flip-up seats inside the vehicle and four non-movable seats which when filled with stormtroopers is positively claustrophobic. There are wheels underneath the vehicle which are hidden by the chassis and similar to other vehicles like the land speeder the effect is that the troop transport is hovering above the ground.

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