Hasbroʼs Star Wars Rogue One Jedha Revolt Set

April 2017

Last week my wife was at Wal-Mart and texted those two words that every married collector loves to hear from their significant other: “Toy run?” That night she presented me with Hasbro’s Star Wars Rogue One Jedha Revolt set! And with Rogue One’s recent digital download release, the timing for this set couldn’t have been better.  Hasbro released a similar set for The Force Awakens in April 2016 which included three repacked figures and only one new one: Maz Kanata. You can read my review of that set here. Collectors were disappointed in this since it was the only way to add Maz to their collections. This time there are three new characters with only one repack. The Jedha Revolt set is a much better value. Both sets are excellent starter sets for kids or collectors despite each figure having only 5 points of articulation. 

The packaging for these four-packs is really well done and stand out on the shelf (toy store or collector’s) in a way that their predecessors, the battle-pack sets never really did. Rather than a rectangular, short box these look more like a shadow box, with photo realistic artwork accompanying the figures that stand in front of a vibrant red background. 

Out of the package this red background makes for a nice addition in a display, adding some colour but it would better if Hasbro were to change the background to represent what the set’s theme is. The red background is used because it obviously stands out but since the size of the cardboard insert is fairly large, why not include an image representing Jedha? The photos below was taken using pages from the Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story book. If Hasbro were to do something similar, then the removable background would make a great diorama piece. 

As mentioned, there is one repack with the Jedha Revolt set and that is the Jyn Erso figure that is also available single card as Jyn Erso (Jedha). It’s a fairly easy figure to come by but since these sets have a “starter” appeal to easy to understand why Jyn is included; she’s the star of the film after all. Like the single carded version, this figure has a removable head scarf and blaster and has a decent likeness to Felicity Jones. If you have the 3.75 Black Series figure, the head scarf also fits on that figure. A decent figure but definitely not the main selling feature of the set. The remaining three figures are what make this set worth the price. 

The Saw Gerrera figure has arguably the best sculpt that has been released in the Disney-led era of Star Wars. has a ton of detail in both the armour itself and in the creases and wrinkles found on the pants. His cape is very pliable for an accessory made of plastic and his staff is detailed enough to show that there is supposed to be metal and wood incorporated into it. 

His prosthetic leg and “sandal” are both very detailed and even his strange breathing tubes look movie accurate. That said, he actual breath mask would look better if it was painted a different colour from the off-white tube it’s moulded onto. The head sculpt is a spot on representation of actor Forrest Whitaker with details including his one slightly closed eye and a scar on his forehead. The figure is topped with a great head of “hair” that is sculpted to look unkempt and tangled like Saw’s. 

If there was one character in Rogue One that grabbed my interest, it was Saw Gerrera’s henchman, Edrio Two Tubes.   From the moment he first appears on screen, confronting the captured Bodhi Rook, Edrio just looks like mean and the action figure does a great job of capturing this emotion too. The mask/helmet combination that Edrio wears has a bone-like look to it and in this case the breather mask is a separate colour from the tubes. What really makes this figure downright creepy though is his eyes. Although set back into the mask Edrio’s eyes are wide open and incredibly realistic. This figure just screams, “danger, stay back!” 

His waistcoat has a Tusken Raider feel to it and Hasbro sculpted the bottom of it to look like it’s draping down over his knees and blends in perfectly with the space between the legs. His pants and boots are equally realistic as are the tubes running from his mask to his fighter pilot chest control panel. 

There’s one complaint I have for this figure and the next one and that is the sculpt of the hands. Edrio comes with a large rifle that is very difficult to place in his hand. Also, because of the size of the weapon, it looks goofy in his outstretched arm. Unlike the Black Series figures, where a figure can be posed more realistically, the best that can be done with his rifle is to have him hold it standing up, like a staff. One solution would have been to mold one of hands with the palm facing up. This way he could hold his large weapon at port arms. 

The final figure in the Jedha Revolt set is the Hovertank Pilot. Another great looking sculpt, the Hovertank Pilot looks much like the onscreen character. One thing I’ve really liked about the newer troopers in Rogue One is how their uniform isn’t all armour like a standard Stormtrooper. Instead, the Hovertank Pilot and the Scarif Trooper both have cargo-type pants that aren’t covered with armour above the knees. It offers a nice bit of contrast to all of the white armor, especially in action figure form where a lot of detail can be washed away by too much of one colour. It all harkens back to the Scout Biker from Return of the Jedi

The chest plate is detailed and includes a small paint application just at the neck, straps I assume, that break the white appearance between the neck and helmet. There is a small amount of black paint on the helmet that is assumed be weathering but looks more like spots; it could just be a poor paint application so check a few of these sets before buying. The only other issue with the Hovertank Pilot is, like Edrio, he cannot hold his weapon convincingly and would have benefited from a differently sculpted hand. 

Apart from a few minor quibbles The Jedha Revolt is a great set of Star Wars action figures. Hasbro continues to knock it out of the park as far as sculpts go on the less expensive and less articulated action figure line and it’s a set that every Star Wars a figure collector should include in their collection.