Thanks for checking out MikeTarkin.com! My name is Mike (Mike Tarkin, Mac etc etc) and I am a Star Wars fan and collector (I’m also Canadian which makes my hobby interesting from time to time). I first saw Star Wars as a 9-year old in the summer of 1977 so that makes me….very old. As a teen I had put Star Wars behind me (except for reading the always wonderful original Marvel Star Wars comics) and thought I had moved on to other things (namely, girls, punk rock and Maple Leafs hockey). When Star Wars began to reawaken in the early 1990’s I found myself getting excited for these childhood movies all over again. When the Power of the Force line of action figures hit in 1995 that was it for me and I’ve been collecting Star Wars figures ever since. In 2001 I turned one of our downstairs rooms into a dedicated Star Wars room and for 20 years I have been expanding my collection into every corner of that room.

With the explosion of social media in the 20-aughts my Star Wars fandom was opened up to a much wider galaxy and I found myself guesting on podcasts and writing for an earlier version of this site as well as various blogging sites. In 2016 things REALLY changed….

From 2016 to 2021 I co-hosted The Sandcrawler podcast and website with my good buddy, Dengar Dan. In that time we released over 100 podcast episodes, video reviews and a ton of content for our accompanying website. Dan and I had a blast bringing Star Wars “Action Figure Therapy” to the masses for 5 years but decided for a variety of reasons to shut ‘er down in autumn 2021 <CUE TRACTOR BEAM POWER OFF SFX>.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to show my Star Wars fandom in a post-Sandcrawler world and began kicking around the idea of a new home for my Star Wars-related obsessions. To quote the namesake of this site, “When has become now…” and I decided to create this website. I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to turn out in the long run but for now you can read the latest Hasbro Star Wars press releases, check out what’s new in my Star Wars room, view photo albums & reviews of Star Wars figures & vehicles. I’ve also included a link in the main menu if you would like to check out The Sandcrawler podcast archive via YouTube.

Thanks for visiting!

Mike Tarkin (aka “Mac”)

April 2022