@SWTVC March Madness 2023 – Last Chance Today!

Head over to Instagram to our friends, swtvc and have your voices heard for March Madness 2023! For the past few years SWTVC has hosted a March Madness-style vote for the most wanted Star Wars figures for The Vintage Collection. It’s a huge event that has even caught the attention of Hasbro so put your list of most wanted 3.75 scale Star Wars figures by following the info below:

Comment below with a ranked list of your most-wanted ALL-NEW Vintage Collection figures! You can select up to 25 choices.

@SWTVC on Instagram will be using the results to build this year’s #SWTVCMarchMadness bracket, so choose wisely.

‼️Please follow these guidelines!‼️

1. Rank your choices in order, with your most-wanted figure at #1.
2. Be as specific as possible. For characters that wear multiple outfits, include details such as the movie, TV season, and/or planet or scene where they appear.
3. Focus on newly tooled figures. They can be never-before-made characters or updates to existing figures, but be mindful of what already exists, and please do not include repack requests.
4. One character per slot. Other than two-packs of small characters, please do not put multiple characters on a single line. If you want the Bad Batch or the Ghost crew, for example, list the characters individually. The ONLY exceptions here are the Tonnika sisters, who we will be combining into one choice for the bracket as we did the past two years.

You have from now until 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, January 31 to create and submit your lists. You can do so here on this post, or on one of the other participating sites, or create your own Instagram post and tag @SWTVC and #SWTVCMarchMadness. Please only submit in ONE location to avoid duplication.

Be sure to spread the word! The more people who participate, the better the results will be. Last year we received over 400 lists covering over 1,200 different figures, and we’d love to get even more this time.

Please note: this is just for fun, to see where fans’ priorities are with The Vintage Collection. This is not officially involved with Hasbro in any way.

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