Stretching That Star Wars Collecting Budget in 2023

When prices really started climbing for Star Wars figures I knew something had to give. I couldn’t continue to buy like I used to with a clear conscience; after all it’s a hobby. One of the first things that I stopped doing was army building. Not that I would go out and buy 10 of the latest trooper, but I would get at least enough for a small squad. Or over time buy one or two and have the troops grow that way. For years it worked with stormtroopers, cantina aliens, Jawas, tusken raiders and rebel pilots but now when figures are costing $23CDN and more I have to be extremely picky.

With the Din Djarin and Migs Mayfeld Transport Trooper figures (VC251 and VC229), I decided that I would settle for two and at least have a driver/co-driver. In fact I bought one and waited a couple months before getting the second. Not wanting to waste the heads underneath, especially the ONLY Migs head we have, I used some beater GI Joe heads so the helmets could be used and repurposed the Migs and Din heads for quick customs. Now the troopers can pilot an Imperial Troop Transport or act as a guard for a random imperial.

Not ideal but that’s modern StarWars collecting.

1 thought on “Stretching That Star Wars Collecting Budget in 2023

  1. The prices have driven me to eBay and Facebook Marketplace for deals on older figures for troop building or background characters. For example for my display purposes the POTF2 speeder bike for $20 suites my needs just as much as the $45 Vintage Collection.

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