Return of the Jedi Droid Torture Room Diorama

May 2020

I mentioned in my Jabba’s Throne room article that in order to have the droid torture room (managed by the evil EVE-99) I had to settle for cramming Eve, 8D8, a droid brander and a few bits of greeblies into a corner of the Throne Room cardboard diorama.  Not ideal.

 When I decided to create a rancor pit, I discovered that I could have the pit and also a separate droid torture room next to it as well.  Making the rancor cave smaller made it feel more claustrophobic so that was a good thing and since the droid room as we see it in Return of the Jedi feels very small, well that was another plus. 

 There were a few things I wanted to try with this diorama:

 1. Have a permanent solution to the droid branding machine included with the 1998 Power of the Force 8-D8.

 2. Come up with some interesting scenarios using droid parts.

3. Start using some of painting tips and tricks I found watching videos.

For the walls I used 1 inch foam insulation for the first time.  I found a 3×3 sheet of it at Home Depot, cut two sections for the walls and experimented with some of the leftover.  I bought a foam cutter hot knife which works really well and gave me clean, straight cuts.  I painted the foam black and then tried my hand at another new-to-me technique: dry brushing and added burnt umber, gold and silver colouring to age the walls.  For the floor I used a stick on floor tile from a dollar store.

Originally I was going to use foam board for the walls but it looked very flimsy. This photo gives an idea of the size of the droid room compared to the Rancor pit.

For the droid branding machine I built a small platform and glued the Power of the Force accessory on to it.  I also used a repurposed fast food sauce container as a table.  For the figure of 8-D8 I just used a Comm-Tech chip stand to keep him upright.  Not ideal but I like having a hidden tribute to “POTF2.”  

I took the cage from the”Rebolt/Corellian Hound” 2-pack from Solo: A Star Wars Story and removed it’s three doors.  I added gold paint and glued them to various locations around the room.  I then did the same to the cage itself and instead of holding an angry space dog, it’s a dump bin of droid parts.


I used three-different sets of dollar store LED light strings to give me various levels of lighting from dark and creepy to full-on bright for photo taking.  


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