Millennium Falcon Diorama

Summer 2018

 The Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon, also known as The Big Millennium Falcon or “BMF” is probably the best vehicle or play set that has ever taken action figure form.  It has a great paint job, fun play features including light up engines, high quality sound effects and (my favourite) a ramp that lowers at the touch of a button, accompanied by light.  It’s huge, it’s a monster.  And it takes up a ton of space in any collection. 

As I’ve been expanding my rebel base I decided it was time to take my first steps in building a diorama with lights and walls.  I used a material called, “Project Bricks” which are foam bricks that are glueable, cuttable and paintable. The colour I chose is a sandstone so no painting necessary as I’m trying to mimic what the rebel base on Yavin 4 may have looked like.

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I wanted to build walls around the Falcon, just slightly higher than the height of an average Star Wars action figure. I used dollar store LED string lights that I pushed in between the bricks and hot glued into place. I used a “hanger floor print out” that I found years ago online for the flooring. I simply had the prints done at Costco. The pattern can be used in any direction and really gives the appearance of deck plating.

Adding the new section to the rebel base

Now, in my large Rebel base display, the Falcon has it’s own hanger, surround by walls with inset lighting.  I wish I could have gone even bigger with the diorama as it would have been cool to be able to turn the Falcon around on a turntable in order to see all sides of the ship but as we all know, there’s only so much space in a Star Wars Room.

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